A Message from Dan Smith

Hi All,

Are you interested in taking part in this ‘Meander and Regatta’ tour in August? If so, read on and let us know . . . .

Restrictions are lifting, the sun is out and Henley (Royal Regatta) is back on about 6 weeks later than usual. The plan would be similar to previous events —  we row skiff(s) meander-style up to Henley and base them there for use by club members during the Regatta week. Crews could return home in the evening or stay overnight so members could change each day. With enough interest this means you can choose the days that suit you best and without accommodation and trailering the costs are low. As an alternative after the regatta, we could take the boat(s) on upstream for a tour up to Lechlade and then meander back home.

So please email me your interest and which days you’d like to do. If you have previous experience of the event, especially boating at the Regatta, please let me know.  Then I can see if we have enough interest and enough experienced crew members to make it work.

If you are interested in a longer after-regatta Meander please let me know as we will need to look at logistics, accommodation etc.

Starting Wednesday, 11 August, it’s 5 days of top quality knock-out racing finishing on Sunday, 15 August.

We plan to store the skiff on land at the Sea Cadets (upstream from Henley Bridge) and we can book car parking space there too. So you join up with your crew in the morning, share one car driving, bring your picnic, refreshments, binoculars, panamas and sun tan cream, park in the space, launch your skiff and spend the day on the river – you’ll have the best seats in the house on the booms in the middle close to the finish, with the racing passing just a few feet away. And with your picnics and fizz at the ready you’re all set. Fancy a longer row – off you go! Thursday is usually Skiff Club day at Remenham Club and Ladies day at the Regatta.

The costs should be about £10-15 each for the regatta with any excess going to our boat fund.

Lots of background and information, race timetables, rules and dress codes for the Stewards Enclosure etc. is on the regatta website.

See www.hrr.co.uk

Teddington to Henley is a 3 day, leisurely meander with stops at Wraysbury and Cookham. Rough timings are shown in the table below, PART 1 AND PART 3A.

So if you enjoy summer meandering or you didn’t get a chance on earlier trips here’s another chance. The three day meander promises to be at a more relaxed and leisurely pace, averaging 15 miles a day (about 6 hours max.) with overnight mooring stops at Wraysbury and Cookham. In past year’s we’ve been out swimming in the river to cool off.

PART 3B below. Or we could meander on up to Lechlade at a leisurely pace followed by a downstream trip back to Teddington. This will be a little more exercising . . . but the boat is already a third the way up! We’ll need to look at accommodation for this, which could involve camping or a mix of camp and B&B.


Day Date Activity Where Distance Time
Fri 06 August Preparation the club none n/a
PART 1  Teddington to Henley Upstream
Sat 07 August Meander Teddington – Wraysbury 18 miles 7 hrs
Sun 08 August Meander Wraysbury – Cookham 16 miles 6 hrs
Mon 09 August Meander Cookham – Henley 13 miles 5 hrs
PART 2 At the Regatta
Tue 10 August Spare available variable
Wed 11 August HRR day 1 at Regatta variable
Thu 12 August HRR day 2 at Regatta variable
Fri 13 August HRR day 3 at Regatta variable
Sat 14 August HRR semis at Regatta variable
Sun 15 August HRR finals at Regatta variable
PART 3A Henley to Teddington Return
Mon 16 August Meander Henley – Cookham 13 miles 5 hrs
Tue 17 August Meander Cookham – Wraysbury 16 miles 6 hrs
Wed 18 August Meander Wraysbury – home 18 miles 7 hrs
PART 3B  Carry on Meandering, Henley to Lechlade and back
Mon-Fri 16-20 August Meander Henley – Lechlade 80 miles 30 hrs
Sat-Tue 21-24 August Meander Lechlade – Teddington 124 miles 46 hrs

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