A dreary day did not help to lift the spirits of our battling Skiffers & Punters at the Ditton’s regatta.

Skiff events produced some close quarter action down to the line but the wins were not forthcoming this time.

So we had to look across to the Middlesex bank to see our Punters in action, where all hope lay in salvaging some wins for the day.

However it looked more like a medieval jousting event taking place between Stella Alexander & Fran Kenden, with Stella the final victor to win in the Best & Best event.

Fran & Stella Jousting

Unfortunately I missed the action in the 2ft Novice Restricted Punt final, but many congratulations to Dave Wright, pictured below right, watching pensively before he raced.

Dave Wright

Two more short course races to go at Wargrave & Wraysbury before rounding off the season with the Singles & Doubles Marathons in October.

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