The regatta marquees were set up on Dumsey Meadow near Chertsey Bridge, ready for a day’s skiff and punt racing with the usual August weather of sunny cloudless sky to torrential rain, but this did not put off the competitors.

The regatta was well attended by all of the clubs and we had a good all round entry in both punting and skiffing and it proved to be a busy day for Fran and Crispin eventing in both sports.

David Sawtell gave us another fine close race in his Gentleman Junior Senior Single Scull heat only to come 2nd by a mere 2 feet, well done in his second race at this level.

Heats wins for both Fran Kenden and Crispin Allen in Mixed Junior Doubles and Gentlemens Junior Doubles, respectively partnered with Russell Guy, but on this occasion it was not to be in each of the finals.

The win of the day was preceded by the heavens opening up with torrential rain; it obviously cooled them down and made them eager to complete the course in double quick time and coxed with the steady hand of Amanda Leach. Well done a win for Sally Stanley & Dave Parker by a clear two lengths and change in status to Novice for the pair.

Punting was accessible to all so you could cheer both of the sports. The medley was keenly watched and proved to be fun for those relaying between the pecks in their B&B and the single and double 2ft punts. Martin Black and David Wright, Fran Kenden and Crispin Allen gave each of the events there best, but on unfortunately their efforts were not rewarded.

Well done to those that won pots and improve their status and of course thank you all for your efforts on the day in making the Chertsey and Shepperton Regatta a great success.


2014 Chertsey and Shepperton Regatta: The Skiff Club – Skiff Results (Provisional)
EVENT Bow Stroke Cox Club Distance Time Notes
GJD T Millest D Sawtell S Stanley SC 2 ½ L 1:48
MVHD N Painter K Mollett D Wright SC E 2:10
MVHD A Leach R Haines S Stanley SC 1 ¼ L 1:55
GND B Taylor S Mackenzie F Kenden SC 2L 1:58
GVHD M Black C Coveney B Taylor SC 3 ½ L 2:03
GJSS D Sawtell SC 2 foot 1:56 So close
MND S Stanley T Millest F Kenden SC ¾ L 1:59
GJS B Taylor SC 2 ½ L NTT
MJSD F Kenden C Allen D Wright SC 1 ¼ L 1:51
GVD S Russell K Shore L Russell SC 1 ¼ L 1:50
MJDS R Guy F Kenden C Allen SC 1 ¼ L 1:59 Heat Win
MJDS L Russell D Sawtell A Leach SC 1 ¼ L 1:56
GJD R Guy C Allen F Kenden SC 1 ¼ L 1:48 Heat Win
GJD R Guy C Allen F Kenden SC 2 L 1:53 Heat Win
GND K Mollett S Russell L Russell SC 3 L 1:56 Final, good 2nd
GJSD R Haines C Allen F Kenden SC 1 ¼ L 1:45 Final, strong 2nd
MNRD S Stanley D Parker A Leach SC 2 L NTT Final, Win
GNRS S Mackenzie SC E 2:07 Final, good 2nd
GJD R Guy C Allen F Kenden SC 2 ½ L 1:45 Final, strong 2nd
MJD R Guy F Kenden C Allen SC 2 ¼ L 1:56 Final, good 2nd
2014 Chertsey and Shepperton Regatta: The Skiff Club – Punt Results
GHD2ft D Wright M Black SC Sterling, 2nd
Inter Club Medley Relay SC Good try
GJB&B C Allen SC Final, Intrepid 2nd
LHB&B F Kenden SC Final, Keen 2nd

Names in bold have improved their status:

Sally Stanley Novice in Mixed Doubles

David Parker Novice in Mixed Doubles

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