The regatta was well attended by The Skiff Club with one of the largest entry of all of the clubs comprising 20 entrances in both the punting and skiffing events. The weather was perfect with the sun in the cloudless sky and set us up for a wonderful day.

We had the largest entry of all the clubs in the punting with members competing in all of the races, which is wonderful to see and an encouragement for the sport within our club. Everyone entered with great zeal and effort to glide gracefully between the pecks, but this did not convert to any wins or overall pots.

Again with the skiff program we had competitors in most categories, which lead to some very tight and exciting races.

It was good to see a sizable entrant of novice restricted from new members, to those looking forward to the Mississippi Millions charity 2000 mile skiff, which produced some excellent times and it will not be long before they win their first race.

The supporting club members were given something to cheer as the competition hotted up with a number of closely run doubles races with Crispin Allen on two occasions, one with Mary Booth and the other with Russell Guy, only to be pipped at the line by 1 and 2 feet respectively.  Maybe next time Crispin.

The race that had all of us on our feet and willing them over the line was that of Sally Stanley and Paul Favill. Who came so close, whilst leading for most of race, to only lose by 2ft – all of the supporting hearts went out them. This must be your year…

Josh Pitt and Russell Guy brought home a win in the Gent Novice Double in an all Skiff Club final against Tim Harness and Kim Mollett.

Josh triumphed with an impressive Gents Novice Single win, having a total of three races. That saw Josh crowned as “2 Pots Pitt

Thank you for all of those that entered and supported the Regatta.

2014 TVSC Regatta: The Skiff Club – Skiff Results (Provisional)


Bow Stroke Cox Club Distance Time


1 – RNGD C Palmer K Elmore M Booth SC L1/2 1:27  
1 – RNGD J Taylor S Zeronkin G Mulcahy SC L2 1:37  
1 – RNGD D Parker P Favill J Previte SC L2 1:29  
2 – NGD K Mollet T Harness J Porter SC L2 1:34 Final
2 – NGD R Guy J Pitt M Booth SC L2 1:34 Win (0.3 points each)
3 – JGD R Guy C Allen J Porter SC L2ft 1:24  
7 – RNMD S Stanley P Favill G Mulcahy SC L2ft 1:34  
11 – NGS   J Pitt   SC L1 1:31 Win (1 point)
19 – Mixed Invitation M Booth C Allen G Mulcahy SC L1ft 1:30  
19 – Mixed Invitation S Stanley B Taylor J Previte SC L1ft 1:32  
2014 TVSC Regatta: The Skiff Club – Punt Results
21 – GHB&B C Allen     SC     Staunch Second
23 – MH2ftD J Porter D Wright   SC     Dynamic  Second
24 – GH2ftD M Black D Wright   SC     Improved second
24 – GH2ftD C Allen R Guy   SC     Valliant second


Whilst we’re still experiencing issues with linking the gallery to our Flickr account, please use this link to go see the action of the day.

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