We started grouping up at the outside tables on TVSC terrace from 9am, enjoying the fine weather and view of the course. Whilst some of the early scullers readied their selves for  the various races of the day, choosing blades from the collection resting up against the garden wall fronting the river foot path.

9:40 Roger, Lesley coxed by Jenna, were bumped up from entrant level, but gladly took to the water in their very first race, lost out to the eventual winners of Mixed Novice Double.

9:45 Kevin and Mas found themselves drawn against each other and sculled the course in a time of 1:43. Mas held his own over the first half of the course, but finally succumbed to Kevin by 2.5 lengths and go on to the final.

10:05 Craig was drawn against a young but excellent Paddy O’Neill, but Craig shone through in a fast time of 1:23 and winning by 2.5 lengths and go on to a Skiff Club final with Kevin.

10:45 saw Mas stand down graciously for Kevin to scull with Craig, with their cox Jenna they amazed the crowd and judges to beat a very strong TVSC crew by 3 feet in a time of 1:23 and into the final!

11:20 Gents Novice Single final commenced well with both Kevin and Craig getting off smoothly and Craig sculler in a winning time of 1:40 and 1 1/4 lengths. That’s  one Oriminston point!

12:00 Gents Novice Double final could we get another point?! Well Kevin and Craig, coxed by Jenna did us proud, beating their TVSC opponents by 2 lengths and in a time of 1:29. That’s a second Oriminston point!!!

So from a small entry we did well and got two Oriminston points and the fastest time of the day 1:23, well done Craig and Kevin. The Club would like to thank our entrants Lesley Pender, Roger Davies, Mas Popal, Kevin Elmore and Craig Palmer; together with our super coxswain Jenna Palmer. 



Gent Novice Doubles winners Kevin, Craig and Jenna and the fastest race winners of the day!

Check out this link for more photos: https://twitter.com/TheSkiffClub/status/622380850001412096/photo/1


Gent Novice Single winner Craig.

Check out this link for more photos: https://twitter.com/TheSkiffClub/status/622381838175203328

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