Chertsey & Shepperton Regatta held on Saturday 28th July 2018 

The Chertsey & Shepperton  Regatta is a ‘pop up’ event which takes place in Dumsey Meadow, on the River Thames a green field site with with a 350 metre course downstream on the Middlesex side of the river from near Chertsey Bridge to finish just before a bend in the river at the end of the meadow.

The weather was sunny and warm, most pleasant following the end of the recent heatwave the day before but there was a strong wind, fortunately in the same direction as the racing but made the row upwind to the start quite a test and more then a warm up. The Skiff club had the following entries:

Event              Bow                            Stroke             Cox

2 GHD             W Taylor                     S Russell         L Russell

3 GID              J Davies                      R Davies           L Russell

3 GID              R Guy                          P Green             J Previte

4GND              D North                      J Pengilly         L McKenna

4GND              J Davies                      P Peev               I Randall

6GVD              K Shore                       S Russell           A Haines

9 GIS               R Clements

9 GIS               W Taylor

10GNS            S Russell

10GNS            J Pengilly

10GNS            R Guy

10GNS            D North

10GNS            R Davies

14MID             V Gunn                        P Green            J Previte

14MID             M Clements                R Clements     H Clements

15MND            M Moran                     R Maestri        J Previte

15MND            M Wrobel                    P Green           S Randall

15MND            M Booth                       J Pengilly       L McKenna

16MED            P Peev                           R Peev            J Previte

16MED            I Randall                      P Gregory       M Clements

17MVD            M Booth                       P Gregory        S Randall

21LND             S Randall                     M Moran          I Randall

22LED             A Balke                        M Wrobel         M Clements

22LED             S Randall                     I Randall          F Kenden

26 LIS              M Clements

26 LIS              M Booth


20180728_Chertsey SC

Skiff club crews won 5 events, pot winners were:

  • Miranda and Riley in MID, coxed by Helen ( all Clements)
  • Paul and Monica in MND, coxed by Sarah
  • Miranda in LIS
  • Sarah and Isobel in LED coxed by Fran
  • Fran and Paul in MVHD coxed by Sarah

20180728_Miranda Riley and Helen Clements

20180728_Monica Paul and Sarah MND

20180728_Fran Paul and Sarah MVHDE winners

Fran also managed to fit in a lunch date in Balham between winning the MVHD heat in the morning and the final in the afternoon, that’s multi tasking of the highest order. We were informed she skipped the dessert!

The punting events took  place over a course on the Middlesex bank adjacent to the skiff course, with the wind making steering even more tricky than usual.

Skiff club winners were Sally and Sarah.

20180728_Sally and sarah Punting winners

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