Thames Valley Skiff Club Regatta on Saturday 14th July 2018

The TVSC regatta was held over a 350 metre course upstream on the Surrey side of the river with finish at the clubhouse. This was the first of the short course regattas which run almost weekly until October.

It was a glorious, hot, sunny day, the Skiff club had the following entries;-

  • GED, Bill Clee and Riccardo Maestri
  • GND Dom North and John Pengilly
  • GND Faro Khavand and Kevin Elmore
  • GID Craig Palmer and Paul Green
  • LED Anna Balke and Sahah Randall
  • LND Astrid Geis and Mine Moran
  • LND Eilish Lawlee and Lyn McKenna
  • MED Raki Peev and Paul Peev
  • MED Astrid Geis and Riccardo Maestri
  • MND Mary Booth and John Pengilly
  • MND Mine Moran and Russell Guy
  • MND Viv Gunn and Faro Khavand
  • LIS Mary Booth
  • GNS Russell Guy
  • GNS Dom North

Coxing duties were shared by Sarah Randall, Isobel Randall, Lyn McKenna and Amanda Haines. Amanda stepped in to cox at short (well, no!) notice.

Skiff Club had 2 pot winners, Astrid and Riccardo coxed by Sarah in the MED in a good time of 1 minute 29 seconds and Eilish and Paul also coxed by Sarah in the MND, in a fast time of 1 minute 22 seconds. The well known ‘PPPPPPP’ motto came into play after the practice sessions on the river with Graeme. The mixed novice doubles category was highly competitive with 16 crews entering so 4 wins needed to win ‘the pot’ and the Ormiston point for the club.

20180714_TVSC winners

It was good to welcome several new members to their first short course racing event.

Following the postrace drinks and prize giving, many SC participants went upstream to Colin and Mary’s house on the river to celebrate Colin’s birthday and watch the Wimbledon ladies singles final. Several of us were fortunate to get a lift to the party in Roger’s electric boat ‘Butterfly’ (ex- steam pleasure boat from Lake Windermere)  complete with bar and bimini.  Another great day on and by the river.

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