Wraysbury and Old Windsor Regatta held on Saturday 4th August 2018

The Wraysbury and Old Windsor Regatta took place on another hot and sunny summer’s day on the River Thames at Wraysbury Skiff and Punting Club over a 360 metre downstream course on the Surrey side of the river to finish at the clubhouse.

The Skiff club had another good entry despite the holiday season with the following crews braving the sun with their hats and factor 50:

Event              Bow                            Stroke             Cox

GDI                 F Khavand                  C Palmer         F Kenden

GDN                D North                      R Maestri        G Mulcahy

GVD                D North                       J Pengilly        G Mulcahy

GVD                P Gregory                    C Palmer         F Kenden

MDH                M Clements               R Clements     H Clements

MDI                 M Clements                R Clements     H Clements

MDI                 V Gunn                        J Pengilly         J Previte

MDN                M Wrobel                   R Guy               F Kenden

MDN                M Moran                    R Maestri        G Mulcahy

MDN                E Lawlee                     F Khavand      J Previte

LDI                  M Wrobel                    M Booth           F Kenden

LDI                  E Lawlee                     V Gunn            J Previte

GSH                C Palmer

GSI                  R Clements

GSV                J Pengilly

GSV                R Guy

LSI                  M Clements

LSI                  M Booth


IMG-20180804-Wraysbury SC

Skiff Club crews won a total of 6 categories, 5 Ormiston points plus a veteran’s win. The victorious crews were:

  • Miranda and Riley in MID, coxed by Helen (Clements family skiff)
  • Eilish and Faro in MND, coxed by John
  • Miranda in LIS
  • Eilish and Viv in LID coxed by John
  • Riley in GIS
  • John in GSV


IMG-20180806-wraysbury Winners

Riley and Miranda nearly won the MDH race, being less than half a length behind the winners in the higher category event.

There was much close racing with good back-up for the winners from all other crews who tired out the opposition to soften them up for the finals. The course had enough deviations to make singles races tricky to avoid taking in both Berkshire and Surrey sides of the river with much white flag waving by the umpires to keep all on the straight and narrow. Sometimes taking the scenic route didn’t prevent a win.

We were all grateful for the shade of the large weeping willow tree which prevented much sunburn.

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